Spectacular Spec

Food always tastes better after an active day in fresh air. Enjoy the speck from the Alto Adige region, nicely paired with a local wine- “what grows together goes together” .

Speck, IMO, could be translated as delicious, but it is translated from the ancient high German word “spek” meaning something thick, fat. ( which to many of us also could mean delicious) However you can cut off the fattiest part should you want and it is a good source of protein (muscles come in handy when doing lots of mountainy things) .

South Tyrolean farmers slaughtered pigs at Christmas and cured the meat to keep their families fed through the winter. The salty, slightly smokey meat follows the traditional preparation today “a little salt, a little smoke and a lot of fresh air.” Those who prepare it, guard their secret seasoning formulas.

Suedtirol, Speck, geniesen, Vinschgau, Marende, Herbst,

Suedtirol, Speck, geniesen, Vinschgau, Marende, Herbst,

For those who get really into speck, there is a speck festival that takes place in Alto Adige each year. The next one is in October, check out the Montanari Events Calendar or visit the website dedicated to this spectacular cured meat for more info including recipes. ( I suggest you read it while eating properly slices speck , and if you really become a fan, then you are in luck as there is an entire festival dedicated to this cured pig meat. The South Tyrol Speck Festival takes place in October, who wouldn’t want a t-shirt from that!)