Post Lockdown - Summer Travel Italian Alps is Back!

Post Lockdown – Summer Travel in the Italian Alps is Back!

Post Lockdown - Summer Travel Italian Alps is Back!

Walser Homes Val D’Otro


Italy lived under one of the strictest Coronavirus pandemic lockdowns in the world. And for a couple of months, those in Italy were not able to venture more than 200 meters from their homes. When the 200 meter limit was lifted in May, travel to other regions apart for work was still not permitted. June 4 saw the regional borders reopen. Following that later in June, borders with other European nations opened. With these restrictions lifted, reaching the mountains became much easier for those who were not lucky enough to already be there. While Italian tourism took a massive hit, opening up to those from outside Europe should be decided on July 1. This summer may remain a European only Alpine experience.

It’s now post Lockdown – Summer Travel Italian Alps is Back!! For those able to reach Italy, the mountains remain as beautiful as ever. The open spaces offer a good spot to naturally practice social distancing. Many regulations remain in place, including reduced capacities for indoor dining, store access and other activities. Mask wearing and hand sanitizer remain requirements to go inside buildings.  Many businesses are scanning guests  for temperatures.

Despite the fact that many are located in non-crowded spaces, The mountain rifugi,with their common spaces have been impacted .Some rifugi have decided not to reopen, at least for those seeking to spend the night, though may still be offering meals with outdoor seating.

Post Lockdown - Summer Travel Italian Alps is Back!

Passo Forric – Alagna


Public transport is back in action, with reduced seating capacity to maintain social distancing. Masks are required. Allow extra time at train stations especially as you must often zigzag through buildings as work to keep people from getting too close.  Car travel is allowed but there are limits of how many can go in the car together and where you must sit, if not already living together. Masks should also be worn inside cars if you ride with non-cohabitants.

Post Lockdown - Summer Travel Italian Alps is Back!

Alpine flowers above Val d’Otro Alagna


The Italians love bureaucracy and rules and the Coronavirus has offered a chance for an exponential amount of confusing, conflicting and constantly changing regulations, all open to interpretation, by regional and local governments as well as individual businesses.

Skiing, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, (and eating great food) are all possible,

Certainly it is a bit trickier now to to plan and move around, but the Alps remain beautiful and mountain activities offer a great way to escape the stress of 2020 and the heat of summer. Check with the region you are visiting to get the latest.

To get the latest official list of travel restrictions, visit Italy’s Ministero della Salute (Ministry of Health) website.