Italian Climbing Gear Company’s Carabiner Wins the Nobel Prize of Design – Magnetic Bike Light and Ski Boots also Garner Honors.

Grivel Twin Gate Carabiner - climbing gear


Grivel, located at the base of Mont Blanc in Courmayeur Italy, received the Compasso d'Oro for it's Twin Gate carabiner. Considered the  Nobel Prize of design awards, the Compasso d'Oro goes beyond awarding appearance only. Awarded annually, the Prize seeks out innovations in function and pleasing aesthetics.  Grivel's Twin Gate carabiner earned the prize in the category of Design for the individual -for a specialized object that significantly improves protection and safety while respecting simplicity of form.

Now a recognized name in climbing gear, Grivel's innovation history goes back to the early 1800s. The company started out as a manufacturer of agricultural  tools. With their factory located in the heart of the Alps, alpinists would stop by asking the metal smiths to modify traditional worker's tools so that were better suited for mountaineering.  These relationships resulted in transforming their worker's axes to ice axes. The company is also credited for being the first ones to develop the modern crampon.

Grivel's innovation continues today. They designed the innovative Twin Gate carabiner to increase the climber's safety.  The carabiner design features two overlapping, easy to use, quick clipping  gates in order to reduce the risk of unintended unclipping (you know what they say about the weakest link).

See video here on how it functions.

Magnetic Bike Lights

Palomar-Lucetta09_hand03-890x685 - compasso d'oro

Lucetta01 - compasso d'oro

Not to leave the all the design glory to the climbers, Palomar's Lucetta magnetic bike light also won. The clever little light  received the 2016 Compasso D'Oro for Design for the individual –  a great little product. An article that gives an intelligent answer to an objective need.

Ski Boot Minimalism

Dahu ski boot compasso d'oroSkiers have not been left out in the cold either, Daho Sports' Dahu ski boot, earned an honorable mention. Another winner in the category of Design for the individualthe design revises the traditional construction of the plastic shell and replaces it with a minimal lattice structure, designed to withstand the stresses and movements during skiing. And who wouldn't like a little less bulk in their boots?

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